I am an Energy Producer

We are the platform that facilitates the closing of bankable PPAs and provides feasibility to your renewable energy projects.



Access to bankable offtakers

Sanza’s  credit enhancement structures increase the number of energy buyers which are acceptable to financial institutions.


The end-to-end solution for your project

Sanza offers a wide range of services that provides viability to your project. You will be able to access preferential conditions of our partners.


We make it digital

Access to smart contracting solutions and digital management of your PPA with Data Analytics technologies that will facilitate the information analysis.


We optimise construction and operating costs

Our EPC and O&M tender services allow you to find the best suppliers. We increase competitiveness that translates into cost optimisation for your project.


We facilitate your reporting

Through Sanza's Data Analytics solutions, we facilitate the compliance of your reporting requirements related to your PPAs

How it works?


Sign up

Apply for registration in Sanza in less than 5 minutes and access our private area where you can access more detailed information about our PPAs and services.


Register your project

Register your project by providing the requested information. We will verify that it meets the market-standard eligibility criteria to sell energy through our PPAs.


Contract your services

Review the terms and conditions of the services offered by Sanza and choose those that best suit your needs.


Create auctions in our Marketplace

Select the Sanza PPA that suits you best, define your commercial terms and launch your auction in our Sanza Market to close your PPA with our pool of offtakers.


Track the progress of your project

Keep your offtakers and other stakeholders informed about the development and construction progress of your project in a simple manner using our platform.


PPA digital management

Sanza enables you to check and monitor your invoices, settlements and electricity market information, among other useful data.

Register on Sanza and close a PPA