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Energy cost stability

Sanza’s PPAs give long-term stability to your energy cost, reducing volatility and uncertainty in your annual budgeting


We make direct purchase of energy accessible

Our tools allow you to purchase electricity directly from renewable generation projects even if you do not have a specialized team dedicated to energy management


Reduced transaction costs and time

Our contracting processes, together with our standard agreements, significantly reduce costs and time required to enter into a PPA.


Reduce your energy costs

Savings resulting from reduced transaction costs and bankability solutions obtained by energy producers translate into lower PPA energy prices for the benefit of consumers.


PPA Simulation

We can provide you with a simulation of cashflows under a PPA, at no cost. This would help you to define your energy procurement strategy.


We make it digital

Access to smart contracting solutions and digital management of your PPA with Data Analytics technologies that will facilitate the information analysis.


Become green

By contracting our PPAs you will obtain green certificates which validate that your electricity comes from renewable sources. This would improve your environmental sustainability ratings

How it works?


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Apply for registration in Sanza in less than 5 minutes and access our private area where you can access more detailed information about our PPAs and services.


Validate your company

Complete your company profile. We will verify that you meet the market standard eligibility criteria for purchasing energy through our PPAs. Also, you can request a PPA savings simulation at no cost.


Buy energy at Sanza Market

Access Sanza Market and select the renewable project and the PPA that best suits your needs. Place your bid in open auctions and track your offer.


Track the progress of your project

After the award of your PPA, Sanza will allow you to track online the development and construction progress of your project.


PPA digital management

Sanza enables you to check and monitor your invoices, settlements, energy production and electricity market information, among other useful data.

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